Space Requirements: 2000-3500 square

75-120 Seat Theatre

-1000-1500 square feet

-High ceilings for lighting grid and tiered seating. 

-Roughly 6-8 rows seating 12-15 people per row for a house capacity of 75-120

-Power to accommodate theatrical lighting and sound equipment

Backstage Area

300-400 square feet to store set pieces, props and costumes

Green Room/Dressing Room

200-300 square feet where performers can hang out to prep for show as well as a space to gather for post show notes.

Bar & Lobby Area

400-600 sqaure feet. 

A space to accommodate up to 100 patrons plus staff. Bar area suited to fit a sink, refrigerator and potential to install draft beer.


Accessible washrooms to accommodate up to 120 people.


150 square feet. 

Studio (Optional)

400-600 square feet. Additional studio to workshops shows, run classes, and rent out to the community.

Storage Room (Optional)

A space of any size to store sets, costumes, and props.