Tightrope Impro Theatre is a professional theatre company specializing in improvised theatre. There is a growing gap in Vancouver of both artists needing mid-sized venues to perform in and people seeking high quality, connective and accessible theatre. Tightrope Impro Theatre is committed to filling this current gap in the market. Not only are we focused on producing professional quality improvised theatre, we are committed to fostering a growing community by providing a mid sized venue for local groups to produce independent and inspiring work. This is accompanied by our drive to create a sustainable business model for grassroots Canadian theatre.

The Tightrope will help in the development of local arts and culture in Vancouver, provide quality entertainment to both locals and tourists, and one day become a globally renowned improvisation theatre company that will be at the forefront of developing this expansive art form.

International Connections

The Tightrope is the Canadian sister company to the highly successful Norwegian Det Andre Teatret

Canmore International Improv Festival

We want to bring Mountains, Beers, and Laughs to beautiful Vancouver. Canmore International Improv Festival (CIIF) was founded and is operated by members of our team. CIIF has successfully sold out 3 annual festivals. This festival is a key example of how our team is able to pull off such a successful and unique project. The Tightrope will be very similar to CIIF only it will be year round project rather than just 1 weekend every year.